Just logged into my blog and realized it’s been a month since my last post not good for someone who planned to blog regularly. I guess my regularly is monthly instead of weekly.

Sketch of White Star Cannery Boiler


My current project is a watercolor of the White Star Cannery boiler in Astoria, Oregon. I got a basic sketch done yesterday and hope to go in today and get started on color and details. For anyone who has visited Astoria for more than a minute you can’t miss the remains of the White Star Boiler. It sits on the waterfront along what is now the river walk and trolley tracks a reminder of the near past of a working waterfront.





White Star Cannery Boiler


I suppose you are wondering about the title of this post. Recently I purchased a pack of artist postcards of Astoria made by a friend. It interested me because some of the images she choose to include were not what I would have choose, or I felt she omitted things that to me as a native of Astoria felt should have been included. it’s of course all a matter of personal choice as to what work an artist does, and it highlighted to me how my Astoria is very different than her Astoria. I no longer live there but my parents do and I visit regularly. I also spent the first 20 years of my life there so the town has all the baggage of that. For my friend she has visited occasionally over the past 10 years of so but never lived there so not surprisingly her experience is very different than mine. I began thinking about this not to say one of us is right or wrong but that it highlighted for me the way it’s easy to take things for granted and assume that others view things the same way you do or put the same importance on objects and places but in reality we all view things differently in my case through nostalgia, and my friends case perhaps as a new adventure.  Seeing her take on my hometown made me think maybe I should do my own take on it so I decided to start here.

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