Puddle of Mud 

When I was about 4 I had a t-shirt that said, “Happiness is a hot hog in a cool puddle of mud.” Maybe so if your a hot hog but when your attempting watercolor a puddle of mud is the last thing you want. Saddly yesterday, puddles of mud were all I got. 

I always find it funny that that watercolor is viewed as easy and oil painting as hard but it’s actually the opposite. With oils if things go wrong you can either scrape off your mistake or paint over it. With watercolor if you start off too dark your sunk, and attempts to fix things often make them worse.


Muddy Moka Pot 12/1/15

The bottom is alright but the top went off the rails.

  Harlequin Tea Cup of Mud 12/1/15
What went right? The outline isn’t terrible but well I guess it’s yellow.

Where do we go now? Call it a relearning experience and move on with luck my next attempt will be better. 

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