How the sausage gets made part 1

This week I have been a bit obsessed with coffee pots if this keeps up I will be drawing coffee pots in my sleep. A large part of my of my body of work is woodblock prints to see some examples of my prints visit my Website

So what is a woodblock print? An artist carves a design on a piece of wood any area removed will show the paper the uncarved areas will be where the ink sits. Essentially your creating a stamp. 

So what did I do today? Preliminary drawings. I am trying to keep things basic when I cut the block intricate detail can be difficult to do. 

  Moka Pot sketch 
 French Press sketch 

My next step will be transferring these images to pieces of wood that I will carve and print. Keep an eye out for more posts in this series I will show you the carving and printing process. 

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