What I am working on this week.

Happy New Year here in Portland we got an extension to our winter break in the from of snow and ice. From winter wonderland, to ice rink to slushy yuck. So now that I am resolving to do more art and get it out in the world this year. I was reminded by my friend Carye Bye that she is planning a final Portland show for the Bathtub Art Museum. This is a show of bathtub themed handmade postcards. So my mission is to create a handcrafted postcard for this show.

One thing I just noticed that is a bit ironic. I was in the first Bathtub Art Museum show in 2003, which was my last show I participated in before leaving for New York. This will be Carye’s last show at the museum in Portland before relocating to Texas.

So my project for this week create a piece for this show I will let you know on Friday what I came up with!

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