Better late than never

Dear reader let me apologize for not only my lack of January post but for promising you a post that I never delivered on. Today you will get that post. In my last post I promised to show you what I ended up doing as my contribution to the Bathtub Art Museums final show in Portland fitting since was also in their first. Here is the piece you have been waiting for with bated breath.


Bathtub, Watercolor approximate size 4×5┬áinches 2016. Now in the collection of the Bathtub Art Museum. I am excited to attend the opening of this show this Friday, this Friday from 5-9 at 211 SE Madison St. Portland, Oregon. I will be one of many artists in this show. For more information See this. I hope to have more posts coming your way soon. including my personal review of the worlds biggest cat painting.

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