Worlds Biggest Cat Painting!

Yesterday I got to see the worlds biggest cat painting up close and personal. I first heard about this painting when it went up for auctioning November. My Wife’s Lovers sold in a November auction for $826,000 painted by Austrian artist Carl Kahler around 1893. It weighs 227 pounds, measures 75-inches-by-102-inches.


I had imagined this piece would be bigger but its kitsch value was huge! I am happy that I saw this piece in person and perhaps some day I will make an even larger painting of cats.

I also visited Contemporary Native Photographers and the Legacy of Edward Curtis this was a great show that contrasted the photos of Edward Curtis with the work of three contemporary Native American Artists. I enjoyed seeing the Curtis photos in person but also liked seeing the dialogue created with the contemporary artists.


This was my favorite piece from that show I believe it was by Will Wilson, how since the name of the piece was so simple I didn’t think to write it down.

Moving into the permanent collection I was excited to find a Florine Stettheimer piece I also took a photo of this sculpture called American Indian.

After viewing Contemporary Native Photographers and the Edward Curtis Legacy this sculpture had a very different feel than I think it would have for me having seen it on its own. I may not have noticed it. I hope to spend more time at the museum with soon.


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